Entering the underground

Various underwater activities in the past meant that there was a large amount of unclear lines and many dangerous locations. Our goal was, and still is, to allow divers to dive as safely as possible. Therefore we cleaned the environment, we investigated problem areas and using video footage we have documented the areas for safety and information briefings before the dive. We supplied the corridors – and are still constantly adding new and strong fixed lines – with robust drilled anchors. Lines are led according to the latest knowledge of diving in a closed environment, so that even in zero visibility it is possible to safely exit the labyrinth of tunnels. That is why they do not collide with walls, they do not cross corridors in hazardous places and they are kept a safe distance away from potential problems. Of course, we also left plenty of room for experienced explorers who want to discover new areas and explore unmarked passages.

The uniqueness of this location for diving rests mainly on two things. One of them is the opportunity to dive in a museum, in which each of the walls, rocks and spaces breathes history. The second bonus is the shining splendour of the walls, which are surrounded by ice water, providing an infinite crystal-like visibility. The abundance of minerals creates an uncommon visual effect.